Siobhan Davies and David Hinton in Conversation with Claudia Kappenberg, Part 1

Siobhan Davies, David Hinton, Claudia Kappenberg


Siobhan Davies and David Hinton met with Claudia Kappenberg at the Southbank Centre London on 2/7/2015, for a conversation about the making of All This Can Happen (ATCH). In Part 1 of the conversation, Siobhan Davies and David Hinton each give a snapshot of who they are now as artists and makers. The conversation then explores the current state of the art and the screening of ATCH in different contexts and venues. 


All This Can Happen; Portraits; noticing; protagonist; narrative; Muybridge; Marey; Stanley Spencer; Walser; dance; dance film; walking; sculpting; found image; still image; collage; sound

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