Addendum to Interview: All This Can Happen on Tour and in the Press

Claudia Kappenberg


This document lists over 80 screenings of All This Can Happen between September 2012 and July 2016. The list is evidence of the international interest the film generated and indicates the different contexts in which it was shown during its first four years. Most are screenings, often in the context of festivals, whereas others—much less frequently—exhibitions. The hosts vary between explicit screendance events, film festivals, art venues, and educational frameworks. For example, in Berlin’s doku.arts festival, All This Can Happen was screened alongside Mike Lerner und Maxim Posdorowkin’s documentary “Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer” in a programme of films which transgress conventional narratives. The diverse contexts demonstrate that the boundaries between local and international communities and institutions are relatively porous and that films can travel widely. A second list of press reviews, existing review essays and selected blog entries on the film give a sense of audience reception and complement this review.

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