Addendum to Interview: Film Proposal for the British Film Institute

Siobhan Davies, David Hinton


This proposal by Siobhan Davies and David Hinton formed part of a submission to the BFI (British Film Institute, London UK). It outlines the collaboration between the two artists and the general idea of a film based on the 1917 Robert Walser story “The Walk.” The film was to be made entirely out of found footage and found photographs to create a “choreography of movement images” that would portray an individual consciousness. The proposal describes the overall idea, the deployment of Marey’s nineteenth-century chronophotographic films, the structure and key narrative elements, as well as different observational, analytical, and emotional threads of images. The proposal was submitted to the BFI in April 2012, and an agreement on the use of archive between the BFI and Siobhan Davies Dance Company was first issued in May and signed off in October 2012. The proposal is reproduced here with the permission of the two artists.


All This Can Happen; proposal; BFI; collaboration; Marey; Walser; choreography; collage

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