What Happens Next?

Omari ‘Motion’ Carter, The Motion Dance Collective

Keywords: teaching, screendance, spoken word, hip-hop, dance film, rap, Covid-19, zoom, online, The Motion Dance Collective, Mitchell Rose, Omari Carter, What Happens Next

Omari Carter · What Happens Next?
Audio Credits

Original Composition and Performance by Omari 'Motion' Carter
Sound Engineering and Consultancy by Stacy Carter


Omari ‘Motion’ Carter is a screendance practitioner and lecturer based in London and, for the past decade, has been directing, choreographing, editing and performing for music videos, film, television and theatre. A first-class BA(Hons) degree in Performing Arts at London Metropolitan University led Omari to perform for 7 years in the West End and international touring productions of ‘Stomp!’ During this time, Omari choreographed, directed, performed and produced a varied reel of dance on film work with award winning Screendance production company, The Motion Dance Collective, of which he founded in 2011. His practice and research centre around hip-hop dance culture, body percussion, urbanity, and dance-film, with the aim of bridging the gap between the movers, makers and thinkers within the genre. Omari is associate lecturer in screendance at London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS), University of East London and Lincoln University and a graduate, with distinction, of the world’s first MA in Screendance at LCDS. Omari’s short dance-narratives have screened both in the UK and internationally at over 50 film and dance-film festivals, as he continues to push the critical awareness of narrative dance-film practice, through workshops, talks, podcasts, curations, screenings and commissions within the UK.

Email: info@motiondancecollective.com
Website: www.motiondancecollective.com


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