TikTok and Short-Form Screendance Before and After Covid

Moderator: Alexandra Harlig, University of Maryland, College Park
Crystal Abidin, Curtin University
Trevor Boffone, University of Houston
Kelly Bowker, University of California, Riverside
Colette Eloi, University of California, Riverside
Pamela Krayenbuhl, University of Washington Tacoma
Chuyun Oh, San Diego State University

keywords: Covid-19, TikTok, Dubsmash, dance challenges, popular screendance, appropriation, platform specificity, congregational global body, #Jerusalema, Zoomers, #Blacklivesmatter, influencer, social justice, Dance Central, face dance, algorithm

This roundtable was presented on 12 March 2021 as part of the symposium connected to this special issue, This Is Where We Dance Now: Covid-19 and the New and Next in Dance Onscreen. This is a video of the full roundtable conversation and Q+A.


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