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The Journal will provide a new frame through which Screendance will be examined in the context of contemporary cultural debates about interdisciplinarity, artistic agency, practice as theory, and curatorial practices.</p> The Ohio State University Libraries en-US The International Journal of Screendance 2154-6878 <p>This Author Agreement for <em>The International Journal of Screendance</em> ("Agreement") is entered into by and between The Ohio State University, on behalf of its University Libraries ("Publisher") and the author ("Author"). </p> <p>For good and valuable consideration, Publisher and Author agree as follows:</p> <p>1. Author hereby grants to Publisher the right to publish, reproduce, distribute, translate, transmit and display his/her submitted work and an abstract thereof ("Work") in <em>The International Journal of Screendance</em> in whole or in part and in all formats and all media. 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Harmony Bench Alexandra Harlig Copyright (c) 2021 Harmony Bench, Alexandra Harlig 2021-07-07 2021-07-07 12 10.18061/ijsd.v12i0.8404 "Double-tap, 'That Was Really Dope'": A Conversation on Breaking on Instagram with Tsiambwom Akuchu and Alexandra Harlig No abstract available. Tsiambwom Akuchu Alexandra Harlig Copyright (c) 2021 Tsiambwom Akuchu, Alexandra Harlig 2021-07-07 2021-07-07 12 10.18061/ijsd.v12i0.8402 Screendance Festivals and Online Audiences No abstract available. Harmony Bench Gabri Christa Yolanda M. Guadarrama Cara Hagan Kelly Hargraves Marisa Hayes Copyright (c) 2021 Harmony Bench, Gabri Christa, Yolanda M. Guadarrama, Cara Hagan, Kelly Hargraves, Marisa Hayes 2021-07-07 2021-07-07 12 10.18061/ijsd.v12i0.8372 TikTok and Short-Form Screendance Before and After Covid No abstract available. Alexandra Harlig Crystal Abidin Trevor Boffone Kelly Bowker Colette Eloi Pamela Krayenbuhl Chuyun Oh Copyright (c) 2021 Alexandra Harlig, Crystal Abidin, Trevor Boffone, Kelly Bowker, Colette Eloi, Pamela Krayenbuhl, Chuyun Oh 2021-07-07 2021-07-07 12 10.18061/ijsd.v12i0.8348 After Quarantine: The Future of Screendance No abstract available. Omari 'Motion' Carter Sandra Maduoma Antoine Marc Vilma Tihil Alice Underwood James Williams Copyright (c) 2021 Omari 'Motion' Carter, Sandra Maduoma, Antoine Marc, Vilma Tihilä, Alice Underwood, James Williams 2021-07-07 2021-07-07 12 10.18061/ijsd.v12i0.8347 Considering the Power of the Camera in a Post-Pandemic Era of Screendance No abstract available. Kathryn Logan Copyright (c) 2021 Kathryn Logan 2021-07-07 2021-07-07 12 10.18061/ijsd.v12i0.8303 TikTok, Friendship, and Sipping Tea, or How to Endure a Pandemic No abstract available. 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Elena Benthaus Copyright (c) 2021 Elena Benthaus 2021-07-07 2021-07-07 12 10.18061/ijsd.v12i0.8010 IJSD Volume 11 2020 Expanded Screendance: Full Issue No abstract available. Kyra Norman Marisa Zanotti Copyright (c) 2020 The International Journal of Screendance and the authors 2020-10-30 2020-10-30 12 10.18061/ijsd.v11i0.7977 Review: Perpetual Motion: Dance, Digital Cultures, and the Common by Harmony Bench (2020) <p><em>Perpetual Motion: Dance, Digital Cultures, and the Common</em> takes the reader on a journey through a collection of digital dance works that cumulatively reveal a rich, and ongoing, interplay between dance and digital media. Available for purchase as a book and as an open-access download, <em>Perpetual Motion</em> details an historical evolution of dance's engagement within shared digital media experiences, focusing on the period from 1996 to 2016. As a reader, I quickly found within these pages a personal connectivity and, in these isolating times, a renewed membership into the global, online corporeal community. With myriad works (re)discovered in each chapter, <em>Perpetual Motion</em> shows us the global impact dance and digital media have had upon each other through shared social relationships and interactions, both on- and off-screen.</p> Jaleea Price Copyright (c) 2020 Jaleea Price 2020-10-30 2020-10-30 12 10.18061/ijsd.v11i0.7970 Evolving the field: Interviews with Naomi Macalalad Bragin and Cara Hagan No abstract available. Douglas Rosenberg Copyright (c) 2020 Douglas Rosenberg 2020-10-30 2020-10-30 12 10.18061/ijsd.v11i0.7969