The International Journal of Screendance

The International Journal of Screendance is an international, artist-led journal exploring the field of Screendance. It is the first-ever scholarly journal wholly dedicated to this growing area of worldwide interdisciplinary practice.

The International Journal of Screendance will engage in rigorous critique grounded in both pre-existing and yet to be articulated methodologies from the fields of dance, performance, visual art, cinema and media arts, drawing on their practices, technologies, theories and philosophies. The Journal will provide a new frame through which Screendance will be examined in the context of contemporary cultural debates about interdisciplinarity, artistic agency, practice as theory, and curatorial practices.



Journal announcements: Migrating past IJSD volumes to this site

We are in the process of making volumes 1-3 of the International Journal of Screendance available on this site.  
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This is a screencast by Simon Ellis to help you get started with the Open Journal System that we use for the International Journal of Screendance.

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Vol 8 (2017)

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